Semcore and Disability Sport & Recreation (DSR) have been working together for over a year now. It all started with a fundraising call from DSR, in which Semcore offered a free website instead of a money donation. That’s where the DSR Festival website was born ( and the beginning of the relationship.

Since then, we have worked together on closely on any of DSR’s digital needs, most recently on a project called Score!. Score is essentially a location based database of disability friendly sporting programmes. It covers programmes and events all over Victoria, and helps show people what opportunities are in their immediate area.

In DSR’s own words, the objective of Score! is:

…to ensure that Score! gives Victorians with disability a voice in sport and recreation.

Score! Screenshot for Semcore Web Design Blog

Score! 1.0 didn’t quite cover the needs of DSR so Semcore took on the task to re-build the system and give DSR what they really needed. The system includes all of the following features:

  • State of the arts analytics. All actions are traceable and DSR can get real time insights into the number of people logging in, viewing programmes, viewing events and segment these based on disability type, gender and more.
  • An more modern and updated look that’s inline with DSR’s branding moving forward.
  • Provides Admins with custom screens for editing, moderating and analytics.
  • Programmes have include multiple images and videos to help drive involvement and interest.
  • Users can review and comment on programs, with DSR being able to moderate the comments in real time.
  • The map defaults to your post code, giving you a snapshot of what’s around you at all times.
  • A notification system that alerts you when a new programme pops up in your area.
  • The system is fully responsive and resizes to work perfectly on mobiles (see image below).
  • And more..
Score Gif by Semcore
Score DSR Mobile App

Score! is an example of the type of systems we’re passionate about building. Our developers use best of breed technology on the Microsoft developer platforms (.NET and Azure) to make super fast and robust systems.

Please use the links below to see more of Score!, DSR or to contact Semcore about your own project.