Ready to Shop on Facebook?

Ready to Shop on Facebook?

Have you ever wished you could add more detailed information to your Facebook business page about your products and services? Facebook are now opening up two new sections for businesses: Shopping & Services, so you can do just that.

It makes sense to us at least, Facebook already have the captive audience secured but haven’t been able to nail it for businesses yet. Businesses will now be able to feature their products and services directly on their FB page. See the screenshot¬†(Image by Facebook)¬†below as an example.

Facebook Shopping and Services

This will be great for our clients, providing them a new (free) space to advertise their products and services. It’ll also make Facebook advertising more targeted, with – we’re assuming – the ability to boost & advertise specific products or services instead of just a page, post or ad.

For online stores, there is still a few unknowns:

  • What kind of checkout options will be available
  • Whether FB will process orders directly on FB or whether it links straight to your existing checkout store

It is currently being tested by a select few businesses so I’m sure more information will begin filtering out as the feature grows.

We think this is a pretty big plus for businesses, as it makes it much easier to include and market your products without having to make a Facebook Shop or pay for add-ons like Shopify’s Facebook package. We’ll hold off making too many statements until the function is in mainstream circulation, as it could be quite limited and add-ons like Shopify might still be the better option.

Do you think it’s a meaningful update or just another fad addition – let us know on Facebook and maybe they’ll notice as well!