Semcore believe quality Web Design is a matter of satisfying five main categories. Sites need to be; Aesthetically pleasing, engaging to read, easily navigated, loading quickly and inline with existing branding. Every website has differing priorities based on the situation but those categories remain true for all websites. For example, an eCommerce shop needs to be easily navigated and aesthetically pleasing, but may not need as much engaging content as a news site or blog. We treat each case as a unique situation and find the solution that will help the clients succeed.

Semcore specialise in WordPress websites but have built websites on many platforms including Magento, Shopify, HTML, Drupal and more.

Reponsive Web Design Melbourne by Semcore

Responsive Websites

One of the important benefits of WordPress websites is that they display well on all devices (if made right). Responsive design is a must for all modern websites, as mobile use makes up over 30% of all web traffic and is growing constantly. We make sure all of our sites work on all modern browsers, tablets and mobiles.

Full Service Melbourne Creative Agency - Semcore

Full Service Melbourne Web Design

Semcore offer full service website packages, where we build the websites, take photography, fulfil any graphic design needs and handle the domain registration and hosting of all websites.

Flexible Pricing for Melbourne Web Design by Semcore

Flexible Pricing

Semcore Website Design prioritises your needs above all. We have come up with a four level pricing system; based on how involved you want to be in the process and how much existing content and ideas you can contribute.

1. Plant The Seed 95% Us – 5% You

2. Helping Hand 75% Us – 25% You

3. Partners 50% Us – 50% You

4. Last Nudge 25% Us – 75% You

eCommerce Website by Semcore Melbourne Web Design

eCommerce Websites

eCommerce Websites are to websites like lions are to cats. They are still the same species but they have very different needs and behaviours. eCommerce websites need to keep browsing for longer and ensure that customers return as often as possible. There are also many shopping cart options and techniques to ensure people buy as much as possible, every time they visit. There is no secret to success, and a lot has to do with the product but a quality eCommerce website has be at the core of any successful venture.