We approach every graphic design project with a unique outlook, finding what will make it special and successful. This is true for all projects, from logo design to billboard poster designs and websites. Graphic Design work needs be in tune with your overall brand identity, or even shape brand identity in some cases. Therefore everything designed needs to communicate your values, and what makes you special compared to your competitors.

Melbourne Graphic Design is everywhere. Companies in Melbourne have really embraced how important good graphic design and branding can be, and are seeing the results. This only makes the landscape harder to stand out in, but it also means that without good branding, your company will struggle to get noticed at all.

Corporate Branding by Semcore as part of Melbourne Graphic Design

Corporate Branding

Unless you’ve had the one-in-a-million business idea, odds are that your market is overly saturated. Anyone can whip up a quick logo and call it branding, but quality branding is so much more than that. It is the graphical interpretation of your brand, your values and your identity. If done right, it’ll last for many years to come and provide you with a platform for all future works, including websites, marketing activities, and products.

Logo Design by Semcore for Melbourne Graphic Design

Logo Design

A logo acts as the graphical representation of a company, providing a centre point for branding and marketing strategy. A company logo is usually the single most seen symbol of a that company and it’s vision and for these reasons, a good logo design is vitally important for any company.

Publication Design for Melbourne Graphic Design by Semcore

Publication & Brochure Design

Design Projects are not simply about making something look pretty or appealing. At the core of any good design, is an ability to portray meaning through design choice. This can be a combination of colours, layout, text and general functional aesthetic choices. Give your marketing material a professional edge with expertly done brochures, flyers, booklets and more.