Protecting your Website & Reducing Your Stress

The internet is a fluid and complicated place where almost anything can happen. We can’t control everything (unfortunately) but we can take every precaution to minimise the risks to your website. We’ve structured the plans into four options, giving you as much choice as possible to make sure you get the right package.

Option 1

$ 0

Per Month
  •  No Website System Updates¹
  • Monthly Backups
  • 72 hr Website Recovery
  • $360 per Recovery Request
  • $99 p/hour Website Support
I Choose Option 1

Option 2

$ 90

Per Month
  • No Website System Updates¹
  • Fortnightly Backups
  • Free 24hr Website Recovery
  • Semcore Portal & Analytics
  • $90 p/hr Website Support
I Choose Option 2

Option 3

$ 195

Per Month
  • All Website System Updates¹
  • Weekly Backups
  • Free 12 hr Website Recovery
  • Semcore Portal & Analytics
  • Free Domain Name Registration
  • Free Website Hosting
  • $80 p/hour Website Support
I Choose Option 3

Option 4

$ 345

Per Month
  • All Website System Updates¹
  • Weekly Backups
  • Free 12 hr Website Recovery
  • Semcore Portal & Analytics
  • SEO Updates
  • Proactive Site Health Updates*
  • Free Domain Name Registration
  • Free Website Hosting
  • $70 p/hour Website Support
I Choose Option 4

Options 3 & 4 need a minimum of 6 months consecutive use to qualify for free Domain Registration & Hosting.

Prices are for WordPress websites. Please give us a call if your website is built on a different platform.

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¹Website System Updates

This includes WordPress updates, Theme updates and Plugin updates. The best way to stay ahead of security issues is to keep your site updated with the latest versions.

While it is the minority of sites that get hacked, it does happen and it’s getting more common. Once hackers gain access to your site, they can change content, place new landing pages or use your email systems to send out large numbers of spam.

For those that select plan 3 or 4, we will place a copy of your website on another server, and test updates before they are applied to your live site. This reduces the risk of functionality breaking or any issues arising.

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*Proactive Website Health Updates

Website Health Updates includes implementing methods to improve load speeds, reduce 404 errors, improve security, update shopping cart technology and more.

Technology is constantly changing and as we find out about better ways to build and maintain websites, we’ll incorporate those improvements into your site.

Types of changes will depend on the site, e.g. eCommerce, Business, Personal, Blog etc.

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Website Backups & Recovery

Backups are vital for the security of your website and it’s content. With more regular backups, the chance of losing data and content is drastically reduced.

Recovering a website from a backup is not a simple process, as it involves many checks to ensure all functionality is working and content is displaying properly. Testing needs to be just as thorough as when the site first goes live. We prioritise the recovery of websites on Option 3 & 4 and make sure your site has minimal downtime.

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Semcore Portal & Analytics

Semcore have built our own analytics portal to give you simple, easy to understand statistics about your website and it’s traffic. For anyone that has ever used Google Analytics, they’ll know that it can take hours to learn even basic information about your site and users behaviours.

The Semcore Portal allows you see (all in one screen) the number of people that have visited your site, how long they have stayed, how they found your site and what device they used to view your website. This is perfect for small businesses who don’t need advanced metrics and aren’t dealing with hundreds of thousands of views.

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SEO Updates

Semcore will proactively make tweaks and updates to your websites’ SEO throughout the month. This will include both on page tweaks, as well as finding an maximising backlink opportunities.

If we can’t do it ourselves, we’ll explain the opportunity to you, it’s importance and assist you in making it happen.

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Domain Name Registration & Hosting

We are happy to offer free Domain Name Registration and Free Website Hosting for all clients that choose Maintenance Plan 3 or 4.