For anyone that noticed that their WordPress sites were suddenly trying to use https when no certificate existed, you weren’t alone.

Being the only Mac user in the office, when I said that some websites weren’t loading properly I got the usual reply of blaming it on Apple. Annoyingly, in was an apple specific issue but not something of their doing.

After doing some digging, it turned out that the issue was only happening on Macs that were using the latest version of Google Chrome. Other browsers weren’t having an issue and it wasn’t happening on any PC.

With the help of some blogs like these, we worked out that the latest version of Chrome was attempting to force certain WordPress sites to load as https:// instead of http://. This obviously doesn’t work and stopped the sites being able to load any style sheets or js.

The issue was initially found in beta testing of Chrome v.44 and fixed within testing, but for some reason the fix wasn’t also included in the stable release.

The problem appears to lie in plugin conflicts rather than a WP issue but it was eventually resolved with a rushed update to Chrome.

More details can be found here: