As a Google Partner, we like to stay on top of industry trends. One way to do that is attend events like the Google Masterclass held at the Docklands on Tuesday with David Booth from Cardinal Path was the main speaker.

It’s always interesting to have a speaker that doesn’t directly work for Google. It was a big display of how powerful it is to get your customers to the ‘Advocacy’ stage of the sales cycle, something he touched upon later in the day.

State of the Google Union

There was a lot covered in this section, with the idea that if you didn’t know what was being said then go away and work it out in your own time.

They went through updates to:

  • Dynamic Search Ads Updates – Great for gathering long tail keywords but shouldn’t be used instead of old fashioned user chosen keyword lists.
  • Merchant Feed – This can now be updated for individual products/prices etc. There is no longer a need to re-upload the whole feed document just to effect one change. There is also an add-on for Google Sheets which streamlines the process even further.
  • Manufacturer Centre – Something that hasn’t completely hit Australia yet, but Google are collecting product specific information straight from manufacturers in the US and there is a small opportunity to get free shop listings if you have your GTIN correctly setup.
  • Remarketing for Search Ads – There are some really interesting updates to Remarketing Search Ads. You can now create lists and segments of users within GA and send them directly to Adwords to become remarketing campaign lists. This also includes creating sequences of behaviours, e.g. someone that has been on the site more than once and abandoned something in the shopping cart. This is a powerful tool to reduce a lot of wasted remarketing expenditure.
  • SPAM Avoidance – I won’t go into detail but Dave went through methods to stop getting false statistics within GA, from Bots, Referral Spam and most importantly, Ghost Referral Spam.
  • GA Keyword (not provided) Issue – Anyone wanting to find out what keywords are working for them will be familiar with this issue. There is quite an extensive method Dave discussed.

If anyone wants to know more about any points above, feel free to give us a call on 1300 736 268.

Google Masterclass Insights

Data Driven Marketing

This section was started off with a great analogy about Dave’s daughter. It ended with her throwing a tantrum in a restaurant and running outside, something that was likened to most top executives behaviour when they see the amount of Data they have collected.

The fact is, companies simply don’t know what to do with the amount of data they’ve collection, or worse, don’t know how to collect it in the first place.

This is where Digital Agencies get to make their money. We are needed to decipher and summarise the huge amounts of data into bite sized and actionable insights. If an agency can do this well, the sky is the limit for their client base and bottom line.